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Post by Tolkirum » Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:21 pm


I am very glad I discovered this software but for now, I am testing it. I have to say it is the only app I found so far that allows to control live parameters for brightness and light temperature, using either the cursor or the hotkeys.

However, the hotkeys options are, in my opinion, too limited. I have some extra F-keys (F13 to F24) on my keyboard and wanted to assign them, but I simply can't. The only keys I can use are letters, and it sets them to work with a complex combination with Ctrl, Alt and Shift, which I don't find very practical - in my situation.

So maybe if you could work on something like a tickbox, just under every hotkey assigment, that lets us decide if we want to use a key combination. Maybe it could be 3 tickboxes, one for Ctrl, one for Alt and one for Shift. (I have already seen that in some screenshot desktop application or something, and it is the best hotkeys customization I have seen so far.)

So, maybe that can give you some idea of improvement concerning those hotkeys, in order to make them even more useful 8-) .

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Re: Hotkeys

Post by CareUEyes » Fri Mar 22, 2019 3:23 am

Thanks for your feedback, we released and supported F1-F24 as a hotkey. :D

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