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 ( For laptops and PC - Windows 11 / Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP.) 


Blue light filter

Blue light is a kind of light with short wavelength, high energy and easy to flicker, it causes eye fatigue. CareUEyes is a blue light filter for PC, it can effectively filter harmful blue light and reduce the damage caused by blue light to the retina.

Brightness control

Computer monitors that are too bright or too dark can cause eye strain. CareUEyes will automatically adjust the screen brightness to roughly the same brightness as the surrounding environment.

Break reminder

Staring at the computer for a long time can cause eye fatigue. CareUEyes will remind us to stand up or take a break every hour to avoid vision problems or dizziness caused by long-term sitting.

Improve productivity

Blue light filter, brightness adjustment, break reminder, stay focused feature and powerful options, let you complete your work more efficiently.

CareUEyes Display

Blue light filter for pc

8 eye protection modes preset for Windows to automatically filter blue light and control brightness. You can also manually set the color temperature and brightness of the screen to reduce eye strain. Read more...

CareUEyes Sunriset Sunset

20-20-20 Rule

Prevent eye strain with the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, the CareUEyes timer will intelligently remind you to take a break. Read more...

CareUEyes Timer

Focus Read

The 'Focus' feature allows you to customize the size and transparency of the reading area, which makes it easy to stay focused and improve productivity while reading.

CareUEyes Focus

Focus Blur

Automatically blur the background window and highlight the front window to keep you more focused and reduce the interference from other application windows.

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MagicX feature allows you to darken or grayscale any window. The dark mode is achieved by inverting the window colors, while the grayscale mode makes the window appear similar to a Kindle e-book.

Facebook Clients Say

It's my eye saver. With several modes to choose from, and customizable brightness levels, my eyes no longer feel strained. Thank you so much for developing such as wonderful app!

I have very light-sensitive eyes and this software is just what I needed. Totally recommended. I can make the monitor as dark or light as I need or want. 😀

I was looking for a piece of software that would act like a dark mode you find on many apps and websites nowadays. After checking out the settings in the trial version, especially the dark mode which I was specifically after, I was so impressed I decided to pay for the lifetime license

Above all, you can adjust the screen brightness and color repair. And of course, that you are reminded to take a screen break at certain (self-chosen) intervals.

Excellent eye protection, especially if you need to be working for several hours on the computer.

Awesome software. It has a great range of auto settings that just work perfectly out of the box. It's a must have program 10/10. 


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