Pricing Plans

30-day moneyback guarantee
Try CareUEyes Pro. Get a full refund within 30 days,
no hassle, no stress.

CareUEyes Pro

$ 29.9
  • . Available for 10 devices
  • . Display feature
  • . Timer feature
  • . Focus feature
  • . Advanced options
  • . Free Updates

CareUEyes Pro

$ 9.9
per year
  • . Available for 3 devices
  • . Display feature
  • . Timer feature
  • . Focus feature
  • . Advanced options
  • . Free Updates

CareUEyes Lite

$ 0
  • . Brightness adjustment
  • . No UI
  • . No buttons
  • . Small
  •  . Simple and easy to use
  • . Free Updates

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Facebook Clients Say

It's my eye saver. With several modes to choose from, and customizable brightness levels, my eyes no longer feel strained. Thank you so much for developing such as wonderful app!

I have very light-sensitive eyes and this software is just what I needed. Totally recommended. I can make the monitor as dark or light as I need or want. 😀

I was looking for a piece of software that would act like a dark mode you find on many apps and websites nowadays. After checking out the settings in the trial version, especially the dark mode which I was specifically after, I was so impressed I decided to pay for the lifetime license

Above all, you can adjust the screen brightness and color repair. And of course, that you are reminded to take a screen break at certain (self-chosen) intervals.

Excellent eye protection, especially if you need to be working for several hours on the computer.

Awesome software. It has a great range of auto settings that just work perfectly out of the box. It's a must have program 10/10. 

Frequently Asked Questions

30 day money back guarantee, we’ll gladly provide a refund if it’s requested within 30 days of purchase.

After the purchase is complete, we will send the license code to your Paypal account email.

We offer a 7-day trial.

You just need to provide your Paypal account and we will get back your license code immediately.

Yes, you can contact us ([email protected]) at any time and we will be happy to assist you.

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