how to adjust brightness in windows 10

For people who work long hours in front of a computer, the eyes need more protection than the shoulders、 neck、back、waist and arms, because the eyes are an important part of our access to external information.

But for the windows system like windows xp、windows 7, change brightness is usually a troublesome thing, because it often requires more complex operations to darken the display brightness. Fortunately, windows 10 has introduced a new brightness change function. This makes it easier for us to change brightness.

How to adjust brightness in windows 10?

You can adjust brightness in windows 10 as follows:

using the Windows 10 Settings UI to adjust the brightness of your device. Go to ‘Settings’ and then select ‘System’. Now under ‘Display’, you will find ‘Change Brightness’ slider on the top. Move that slider to adjust the brightness of your device. (the slider bar may not be displayed for windows 10 with a lower version number).

Do you think that the adjust brightness feature of Windows 10 is perfect enough?

No, the blue light emitted by the monitor and the long-term use of the computer will cause more damage to the eyes.

CareUEyes can help you solve these problems. In addition to brightness adjustment, it also has a Blue light filter feature. It can turn the color temperature of the monitor into a warm color and reduce the damage caused by blue light to the eyes (such as IPhone’s night shift feature).


CareUEyes features a variety of working modes (smart mode, movie mode, reading mode, game mode), it is better to relieve fatigue in various modes.

screen dimmer
blue light filter,change brightness

It also has the break reminder feature. It can regularly remind you to take a rest, so that the eyes and shoulders、neck, back、waist、arm muscles are all rest,

break reminder

These are unusual features, and hopefully they will help you.