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Are you looking for screen dimming software?¬† Do your eyes often feel tired? You’ve come to the right place. We are experts in developing screen dimming software.

I will introduce the currently most popular eye care software CareUEyes in this article. It is already being used by millions of users and benefiting from this product.

The CareUEyes dimmer is a small Windows application that helps regulate the brightness of computer screens, monitors, and displays. Its main goal is to reduce eye strain, especially during prolonged periods of screen use or in low light conditions.

With CareUEyes dimmer, users can easily adjust the brightness of all types of screens and monitors, including LCD, TFT, LED backlit, and even old CRTs.

It also supports multiple screens and offers individual controls for each one.

CareUEyes is more than just a dimmer; it is a comprehensive eye protection software that includes features such as brightness and color temperature control, regular breaks, auto dark, and more.


Professional screen dimmer software

CareUEyes dimmer supports Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP , it supports multiple screens and can dim all your screens, E.g. laptop, a desktop PC with an external display, or even connect an external display to a laptop.

CareUEyes dimmer is a handy application with a simple user interface and useful functions.

screen dimmer for night

In low light conditions, even minimal monitor brightness can cause discomfort.

CareUEyes provides a straightforward solution through its built-in working mode and adjustable brightness slider.

Users can diminish brightness below default settings, significantly reducing eye strain. The tool supports multiple displays, allowing users to control brightness individually or simultaneously.

Moreover, if you prefer a brighter screen during the day and a dimmer one at night, the sunset/sunrise mode automatically adjusts the display’s brightness according to the time of day.

screen dimmer

Support hotkeys to control screen brightness

CareUEyes supports hotkeys to quickly control brightness, you only need to customize the hotkeys in the settings, you can increase or reduce brightness using hotkeys.

More eye protection solutions for CareUEyes

In addition to dimming the screen, there are more ways to protect our eyes, such as blue light filtering and regular breaks:

    • Blue light filter.

      CareUEyes¬† screen dimmer have a “night mode” setting that adjusts the brightness and contrast of the display to reduce the amount of blue light emitted by the screen. This blue light is known to disrupt sleep patterns and cause eye strain, so reducing its emission can help to reduce these effects.

      Blue light is a high-energy short wave. Continuous exposure to blue light can cause eye fatigue, dryness, pain, and aggravate myopia. Blue light can directly reach the retina of the eye through the passage to the cornea and lens. Long-term exposure to excessive blue light can cause irreversible retinal damage, such as age-related macular degeneration.

      Turning on the blue light filter feature can reduce the damage of blue light to the eyes.

    • Auto Dark

      Auto dark mode is becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the effects of prolonged screen use on eye health. It is a convenient feature that can help to improve the overall experience of using a computer or display device, and is a good choice for anyone who wants to reduce eye strain and improve the comfort of working with a screen.

    • Take regular breaks

      Taking regular breaks from screen use is another important strategy for reducing eye strain and improving the overall comfort of using a computer or other display device. The human eye was not designed to focus on a screen for extended periods of time, and prolonged screen use can lead to eye strain, headaches, and other symptoms.

      Experts recommend taking a break from screen use every 20 to 30 minutes, and looking away from the screen for a few minutes to give the eyes a chance to rest. This can include closing the eyes, looking out the window, or looking at something in the distance. During these breaks, it is also helpful to stretch, move around, and give the body a chance to rest.

      Taking regular breaks can help to reduce eye strain and improve the overall comfort of using a computer or other display device. It can also help to improve productivity, as taking a short break can help to refocus the mind and improve concentration. For these reasons, taking regular breaks is an important part of reducing the effects of prolonged screen use.


take a break
take a break


In conclusion, CareUEyes screen dimmer is a useful tool for reducing eye strain and improving the comfort of working with computer screens and other display devices.

Since 2017, millions of users, myself included, have benefited from its ability to adapt to different environments, reduce blue light exposure, and promote overall eye health.

Every feature update of CareUEyes will bring users a better experience and more interesting features. You can check its changes log here.

Because many users rely on it, we are more motivated to improve it. You can check their reviews here.


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