screen dimmer for the night

In today’s society, computers have become an integral aspect of our daily life, work, and education. Do you experience eye fatigue, headaches, or difficulty falling asleep when using the computer at night?

blue light cause eyestarin

 A screen dimmer for the night is essential

Why are computer screens harmful to our health, particularly at night? One significant reason is that computer screens emit blue light. The brighter the screen, the more blue light it emits. Blue light can lead to eye fatigue and disrupt sleep patterns. Research has shown that excessive exposure to blue light at night can suppress melatonin production, disrupting our natural circadian rhythms and tricking our brains into thinking it’s still daytime. Therefore, a screen dimmer is highly recommended for anyone who uses computers at night.

What are the features of a screen dimmer for nighttime use?

A screen dimmer for nighttime use is a type of software that can adjust screen brightness and filter blue light. It helps prevent the harmful effects of bright light on your eyes at night and reduces the disruption of your normal sleep cycle caused by blue light exposure.

CareUEyes is an excellent screen dimmer application.


screen dimmer for night

CareUEyes is a professional brightness controller for PCs and laptops, supporting Windows 11/10/8/7/XP.

CareUEyes can dim all screens, including desktop monitors, laptop monitors, external monitors connected to laptops, or computers with multiple monitors. Adjusting brightness with CareUEyes is simple; you can dim screen brightness from 100% to 20%.

There are three ways to reduce screen brightness.

The first way is to drag or click the brightness slider to adjust screen brightness.

screen dimmer for night

The second method involves adjusting brightness in the tray right-click menu.

The third method allows you to customize hotkeys and then use the keyboard to adjust brightness.

screen dimmer hotkey

Smart Brightness Transitions

CareUEyes’ brightness adjustment feature offers a seamless transition throughout the day by automatically adjusting screen brightness based on sunrise and sunset times. This intelligent function ensures a comfortable viewing experience by smoothly transitioning brightness levels in accordance with natural light changes.

Reduce Blue Light and Improve Sleep

CareUEyes accomplishes this by reducing blue light through color temperature adjustments that enhance reddish colors, giving the computer screen a warmer appearance.

You can adjust the color temperature using the color temperature slider. Moving it to the left decreases the color temperature, reducing blue light, while moving it to the right increases the color temperature, intensifying blue light.

screen dimmer for night.

You can also customize hotkeys to quickly adjust the color temperature.

screen dimmer for night

CareUEeys has more features that can protect your eyes 

1. Editing mode

editing mode

Editing mode changes your white screen to black, making it easier on the eyes at night. This feature is very suitable for you to edit or read the text at night because the black background can eliminate most of the blue light and relax your eyes.

2. Remind you to take regular breaks

Screen dimmer for night