Windows 10 brightness not working

Adjusting the brightness of your computer screen is very important for your eye health. If your computer screen is too bright, this can irritate your eyes and give you fatigue or headaches. If the computer screen is too dim, the text on the computer screen will not be clear, which will also cause visual fatigue. In addition, if you are using a laptop computer, the bright computer screen will also greatly consume power and shorten the life of the battery.

What’s a better way to adjust screen brightness when Windows 10 brightness not working?

Normally, if you open the control panel of Windows 10, you can see the feature of changing brightness, and you can adjust the brightness of the display by dragging the brightness slider to the left and right. But Windows 10’s brightness adjustment feature does not always appear in the control panel.

Using professional brightness adjustment software is a better choice

CareUEyes is a professional brightness adjustment software. It can easily help you achieve intelligent brightness adjustment.

Change brightness on Windows 10 It has eight preset modes, each preset with the most suitable brightness, you just need to select the suitable mode to change the screen brightness. If you are not satisfied with the default brightness, you can change the brightness by clicking or dragging the brightness slider.

You can also customize the hotkeys to change the brightness more quickly.

Change brightness on Windows 10


Some software uses overlay translucent windows to adjust brightness, but CareUEyes directly controls the display’s RGB value, which ensures compatibility with other software.

Provide you with more eye protection solutions

In addition, CareUEyes also has blue light filtering features. It filters blue light by adjusting the color temperature, the lower the color temperature, the more blue light is filtered. You can adjust the color temperature by dragging the color temperature slider.

brightness adjustment

CareUEyes is a professional eye protection software, which can adjust the screen brightness, filter blue light, and remind you to take breaks regularly. With CareUEyes you can protect your eyes in a comprehensive way.

take a break
take a break