Anti glare computer screen


To minimize the glare from your computer monitor, you can opt for a high-quality anti-glare computer screen.

These screens come in two frame designs – flat or wrap – and the choice between them depends on your display style and personal preference.

Regardless of the frame design, these screens effectively block all UV rays that are reflected from the screen into your eyes.

By using an anti-glare computer screen, you can effectively reduce eye strain.

anti glare screen


  Look for an anti glare computer screen with the following features:

  • Optical glass.

  High quality optical glass is superior to plastic.

  • Anti-reflective coating.

  A good glass filter has a multi-layer anti-reflective coating on one or both sides of the glass looking for a filter that provides up to 95% or 99% glare reduction.

  • Transmission.

  There are a variety of light transmissions in the anti glare computer screen, from about 30% transmission to 65% or higher.

  The intensity of ambient light in the work area helps determine the level of transmission that works best for you – the greater the glare, the lower the transmission you may need to reduce glare on the display.

  • Anti-static.

  Removing excess static electricity from the computer screen is important to help minimize dust accumulation on your computer screen, which can reduce the legibility of characters and look for anti glare computer screen with anti-static features.

  • Easy to clean the coating.

  Anti-reflective coatings show fingerprints and can be difficult to remove. Look for an anti glare computer screen with easy-to-clean feature, just clean the filter with water and a soft cloth.

  • ISO 9241-7 compliance.

This will ensure that the filter you purchased has passed the highest standard glare reduction test.

Disadvantages of anti glare computer screen:   

  •   Can’t filter blue light
  •   Can’t adjust display brightness
  •   Can’t change your viewing habits
  •   Different production standards may cause eye fatigue
  •   Will distract users

Other options

While screen protectors can serve as anti-glare devices, they cannot alter one’s viewing behavior.

To alleviate eye strain, there are alternative methods beyond simply using a computer screen.

Utilizing computer software is one such option that can aid in reducing eye strain.

Anti glare computer screen software

anti glare

  For example, CareUEyes is an eye protection software that filters 90% of the blue light and glare by adjusting the color temperature and brightness of the display, it also has a timed reminder rest function, try to use the timer to ensure that every 45 minutes away from the screen, get up and walk around Try to focus your eyes further, and its price is much lower than the anti-glare filter device, which may be the best choice.


Features of CareUEyes
  • blue light filtering
  • brightness control
  • predefined 8 modes
  • regular break
  • custom rules
  • stay focused