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As we spend more and more time using electronic screens, the harm of blue light to human eyes has gradually attracted attention and attention, so a variety of blue light filtering products have emerged.

There are currently four main ways to filter out blue light on the market:

1. Anti blue light software

2. Anti blue light filter glasses

3. Anti blue light filter display

4. Anti blue light screen  protective film

Faced with a wide range of blue light filtering products, how should we choose? Today we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these blue light filter products

Anti blue light software

The principle of filtering blue light: filter blue light by adjusting the color temperature. Do not change the hardware configuration of the display, process internal signals before image imaging, and filter out blue light

Effect on-screen color: the more blue light is filtered, the yellower the screen

Blue light filtering range: The amount of blue light that needs to be filtered can be adjusted by itself, which can filter out blue light of all bands

Convenience: very convenient, just install the software

Tips: CareUEyes blue light filter software has 8 blue light filter modes, such as health, game, office, and reading modes. Different modes filter blue light by different percentages. You can choose the blue light filter mode that suits your needs. Different amounts of blue light filtering can be set during the day and night. Usually, more blue light needs to be filtered at night. When you need to process pictures, you can add custom rules-when the software is running in the foreground, it will automatically pause to filter blue light.



Comfort: When the blue light is filtered out, the computer screen will turn yellow, but there will be no other adverse effects.

Price: CareUEyes Pro is 14.9 US dollars a year, 39.9 US dollars lifetime. One purchase, multiple computers can be used, can be shared with family members, in addition, CareUEyes is an excellent comprehensive eye protection software, it can not only filter blue light but also adjust the screen brightness, as well as regular reminders to rest.





Anti blue light glasses

The principle of filtering blue light: reflect harmful blue light through the coating on the surface of the lens, or use the principle of color bleeding, through the principle of optical complementary color, to infiltrate the blue complementary color yellow into the lens material and absorb the blue light by the pigment, thereby realizing the harmful blue light The barrier

Effect on the screen color: The mirror reflected by the grinding layer is transparent, and the lens absorbed by the substrate is yellowish. The higher the degree of anti-blue light of the glasses, the yellower the lens and the greater the chromatic aberration.

Blue light filter range: The blue light blocking rate of lenses produced by different manufacturers is different, ranging from 30% to 90%. Glasses with a yellowish background are generally better than transparent lenses in blocking the harmful blue light. But the blue light filter range of the same glasses cannot be adjusted.

Convenience: It is not convenient to wear glasses, and many people are unwilling to wear glasses.

Comfort: 1. It is not convenient to wear glasses. 2. The blue light filtering effect of transparent lenses is poor, but the yellow lenses affect the appearance. 3. Put on yellow lenses to see that everything is yellow, not just the computer screen. 4. The blue light filter glasses on the market have different light transmittances. It is recommended to choose lenses with a light transmittance of 91% or more. If the light transmittance is insufficient, it is as if people stay in a dimly lit room for a long time, and their eyesight will also be affected. 5. Another thing to pay attention to is reflectivity. After some glasses are worn, you can see the reflective spots of messy light on the lens. Some people ignore this in daily life, but cluttered light is bad for people in terms of comfort and health. Good lenses will be coated to reduce the reflection of messy light.

Price: The price on Amazon ranges from $5 to $1082. Everyone who uses a computer at home needs to buy a pair of exclusive glasses

Anti blue light screen  protective film

The principle of filtering blue light: reflect harmful blue light through the surface coating

Impact on-screen color: will not affect the true color of the image on the screen

Blue light filtering range: The blue light blocking rate of screen protectors produced by different manufacturers is different, and it can block about 45%~61% of blue light.

Convenience: The screen protection board must match your monitor. If you change the size of the monitor, you need to replace the protection board again. The protective plate also needs to be cleaned frequently, otherwise, there will be stains or fingerprints on it.

Comfort: 1. The anti-blue screen protector will reflect light. If you have a light or window behind you, it will turn your computer screen into a mirror. 2. Another thing to pay attention to is the transmittance of the screen. Insufficient transmittance will affect the clarity of the screen. 3. The fit of some screen protectors and monitors is not good, which results in blurry monitors and unclear text and images.

Price: The price of Amazon ranges from US$16 to US$273, depending on the brand and screen size. Computers of different sizes cannot be shared, especially the sticky notebook screen protectors. Frequent disassembly is not a good idea.

Anti Blue light display

The principle of blue light filtering: wrap the blue light filter floating layer on the small lamp beads on the screen, this floating layer will filter out the harmful blue light of high energy shortwave

Impact on-screen color: will not affect the true color of the image on the screen

Blue light filter range: provide multiple modes to filter blue light, filtering up to 70% of blue light

Convenience: Need to replace the display

Comfort: Does not affect the color of the screen, which is great.

Price: The display needs to be replaced. At present, there are few blue-light filter displays on the market, and the price is relatively expensive, which is not suitable for public demand. Blue-light filter displays are expensive and have few products, which are not suitable for mass consumption.

The following will compare blue light filter software, blue light filter glasses, and blue light screen protectors.

Blue light filter range: Blue light filter software > Blue light filter glasses > Blue light screen protector

Convenience: Blue light filter software>Blue light screen protector>Blue light filter glasses

Impact on-screen color: The blue light filtering software can be adjusted, the more blue light is filtered, the yellower the screen. Glasses with a background color vary according to the depth of the background color, and transparent glasses do not affect the color. The anti-blue screen protector does not affect the color.

Comfort: The blue light filtering software has no adverse effects except for affecting the color of the screen. Blue light filtering glasses and anti-blue screen protectors will have light transmittance and reflection problems.

Price: The blue light filter software is the most cost-effective, and it can also be used by multiple computers

In summary, the blue light filtering software is very suitable for the needs of the general public. It can filter blue light in a large range and can set different blue light filtering amounts during the day and night, and the price is low. Blue light filtering software can also promote sleep and prevent sleep disturbance caused by excessive blue light exposure at night and insufficient melatonin secretion. Anti-blue light glasses are powerless. But if you have very high color requirements, anti-blue screen protectors or transparent anti-blue glasses are also a good choice but pay attention to the influence of light transmittance and reflection.

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