Blue light filter for computer screen of 2021

Are you looking for a blue light filter for your computer screen? You may have known some of the dangers of blue light.

Excessive exposure to blue light will not only lead to eye fatigue, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases but also reduce the secretion of melatonin at night and reduce our sleep quality.

Many people have to use the computer for a long time every day due to work reasons, but the computer screen can emit a lot of blue light.


The question is, how do we filter the blue light emitted by the computer screen?
Well, this is exactly what you will learn in this article.

Display brightness

The brighter the display screen, the more blue light emitted. You can appropriately lower the brightness of your monitor, especially at night. A screen that is too bright can easily make your eyes tired.

Blue light filter software


One of the best ways to filter blue light on a computer screen is to use a blue light filter application.

CareUEyes is an excellent eye protection software, it is one of the best blue light filter applications on the PC. It can prevent eye fatigue, relieve eye pain and vision problems.


Many users verify the effect

If you are sensitive to light or have migraines when using a computer, then you should try CareUEyes (CareUEyes has a seven-day free trial period).

In the four years since CareUEyes was launched, we have received many emails from people who are sensitive to light in our back-end feedback.

They reported that after using CareUEyes, the eyes become relaxed and comfortable immediately, and they are no longer bothered by light sensitivity when using the computer and can work for a longer time.

We have just opened Facebook, and we have received many good comments from users.



We once received an email from a patient with FND, MS, and neurological diseases. She said that she had never been able to use bright lights because it would cause migraines and diseases. But after using CareUEyes, her symptoms were relieved immediately.

Price advantage

Compared with physical filtering equipment such as anti-blue glasses, CareUEyes is cheaper, will not be depreciated or damaged, and can be used for life.

Adjustable blue light blocking rate

CareUEyes filters blue light by adjusting the color temperature, because the higher the color temperature of the computer screen, the more blue light is emitted, and vice versa.

Therefore, with CareUEyes you can adjust the blue light blocking rate arbitrarily (but the physical filter device cannot adjust it).

Why do I emphasize this point? Because it is very useful.

In the daytime, the color temperature should match the external light, and 5000K-5500k is recommended. This can eliminate the damage to the eyes caused by the accumulation of blue light energy, and at the same time, there is an appropriate amount of blue light to keep people awake during the day and be more energetic to deal with this day’s things.

At night, the color temperature should be set to match the light in your room, and a low temperature of 3700K-5000K is recommended. At this time, we don’t need blue light to suppress melatonin secretion, and the body does not need to be in a state of excitement. The beneficial blue light during the day has been transformed into harmful blue light at this time.

On the contrary, we need to secrete melatonin to a certain concentration, which will help us fall asleep and ensure good sleep quality.

Through the comparison of blue light intake at different time periods during the day and night, the changes in the concentration of melatonin can be better adjusted, and the quality of night sleep can be further improved.

As long as you turn on the sunrise and sunset functions, CareUEyes can automatically switch between the two modes for you according to the time of sunrise and sunset.

Eight preset modes

CareUEyes provides eight preset modes, you can switch between pause, health, game, movie, office, editing, movie, reading, and customization at will.

Each of these options provides a slightly different experience for the user and changes the brightness of the display to suit a specific task or activity.

If you are not satisfied with the preset mode, you can also modify the preset mode.

Adjust display brightness

CareUEyes has the function of adjusting the brightness of the screen to protect the eyes more comprehensively.

For many monitors, adjusting the screen brightness is very troublesome. Using CareUEyes can easily adjust the screen brightness. Not only can you adjust the brightness by dragging the progress bar on the main interface, but you can also use the hotkey to adjust it more conveniently.

Remind to rest regularly

Regular rest is an effective way to prevent eye fatigue. The famous 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

If you are busy with work, you may not have time to stop and rest frequently, because this may reduce your work efficiency.

CareUEyes reminds you to rest for 5 minutes every hour by default, but the interval and duration of rest can be customized.

This is not a simple timer, it can intelligently detect your use of the computer.
For example, if you leave the computer midway, the timer will automatically pause. After a certain period of time, the timer will restart when you return to the computer.

Many people, because of their busy work or minors with low self-discipline, know that they cannot leave the computer to take a break when it is time for a break.

For the above-mentioned people, you can use CareUEyes’ forced rest mode and turn on the password protection function, so that you will not miss the rest.

CareUEyes is a product you will love after using it.