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What is a blue light filter for the laptop?

A blue light filter for the laptop can be a physical barrier that can block blue light (work by preventing the passage of blue light between 380nm~495nm), such as screen protectors, anti-blue glasses, or software (by controlling the color temperature of the display). It works by adjusting the amount of blue light emitted.

Blue light filter screen protector for laptopsblue light filter for laptop

The screen protector is a transparent plastic material covering the display, which reflects harmful blue light through a surface coating.

Many screen protectors have reflective problems. If you have a light or window behind you, it will turn your computer screen into a mirror.

Also need to pay attention to the transmittance of the protective laminate, if the transmittance is insufficient, it will affect the clarity of the screen.

In addition, the adhesion of some screen protectors to the display is not good, which causes the display to be blurred and the text and images cannot be seen clearly.

Because the screen protector panel must fit the size of the laptop, if you replace the laptop in the future, you may need to repurchase the screen protector panel.


There is a reflection problem, it needs to adapt to the size of the laptop’s monitor, and it needs to be purchased again when updating the laptop

Blue light filter glassesblue light filter for laptop

Blue light filter glasses reflect harmful blue light by coating on the surface of the lens, or use the principle of color bleeding, through the principle of optical complementary color, to infiltrate the blue complementary color yellow into the lens material and absorb the blue light by the pigment, thereby realizing the blocking of harmful blue light.

A good physical blue light filter should be based on reverting to natural light.

The blue light blocking rate cannot be too high or too low. Too low has no practical effect. Filtering blue light too much will lead to confusion in our circadian rhythm.

In addition, blocking too much blue light can also cause serious distortion and visual fatigue problems. The blue light blocking rate should be 60%~70%.

The downside of physical blue light filters is that they are expensive and are rarely made of durable materials, and you may end up having to replace them often.

After using the physical blue light filter, the color of the screen will be affected, especially the pictures.

However, the blue light filtering effect of the physical blue light filter cannot be adjusted. If you sometimes need to deal with some tasks that require high color fidelity, then you will find it very troublesome.

The use of software applications will not have such a problem, because it can adjust the blue light blocking rate.

Expensive and easily damaged, Cannot adjust the blue light filter value

If you want to compare the blue filter application with a physical blue light filter (such as glasses), then you will find that a physical blue light filter will significantly reduce the image quality and color quality, and the effect of filtering blue light is not Regulated, far from being like a class of applications.

Blue light filter software for laptop

blue light filter

CareUEyes is one of the most popular blue light filter applications for laptops.

You can change the amount of blue light emitted from the screen by clicking or dragging the color temperature slider. Adjust the slider to the left to decrease the blue light, making the screen appear redder and darker. Adjust the slider to the right to increase the blue light, making the screen look bluer and brighter.

Like most blue light filter applications, CareUEyes can reduce blue light from the screen, relieve eye fatigue, prevent eye diseases, and use it at night to prevent blue light from disturbing sleep.

Users can now work comfortably for long periods of time without putting a lot of stress on the eyes and body.


Unlike hardware screen filters, CareUEyes can work on multiple monitors, regardless of their size and configuration, and there is no need to purchase any hardware devices such as screen filters.

CareUEyes automatically adjusts the blue light blocking rate according to the time of sunrise and sunset. Compared to daytime, you need to reduce blue light exposure at night to promote light filter for laptop

Physical blue light filters cannot adjust the amount of blue light filtering at will.

CareUEyes provides eight preset modes, you can switch between pause, health, game, movie, office, editing, movie, reading, and customization at will.

Each of these options provides a slightly different experience for the user and changes the brightness of the display to suit a specific task or activity. If you are not satisfied with the preset mode, you can also modify the preset mode.

    • Health model

Health mode is suitable for people who are sensitive to light. This mode has the lowest color temperature among the eight preset modes, that is, the model with the strongest blue light filtering effect.

    • Game mode

Generally, people have higher requirements for the realism of the color of the game screen when playing games. Under the premise of not affecting the game experience, this mode makes subtle adjustments to the color temperature and screen brightness.

    • Movie mode

The display of videos and movies is usually most affected by the blue light filter. Fortunately, the movie mode setting on this blue light filter is very good. When watching movies on a laptop late at night, the color of the screen will not be seriously distorted, and there will be an unsightly orange glare.

    • Office mode

This mode is suitable for daily office use. Working in this mode, your eyes will not get tired easily.

    • Edit mode

This mode is very useful for programmers who need to work at night, because it inverts the color of the screen, which can remove a large area of white background, thereby greatly reducing blue light.

    • Reading mode

The reading mode makes all colors black and white like electronic ink devices, suitable for reading.

    • Custom mode

Users can customize a mode and freely change the color temperature and brightness.

The price is cheap, the blue light filter value can be adjusted automatically, and it can be used on multiple laptops



There are many options for blue light filters for laptops, blue light filter screen protectors and blue light glasses have their own advantages and disadvantages, but blue light filter software (CareUEyes) is simpler and more practical. It can provide you with the greatest value at the lowest cost.