CareUEyes Lite

CareUEyes Lite

  On April 15, 2019, we released the freeware CareUEyes Lite.

  CareUEyes Lite has the features of brightness adjustment, which has four brightness levels to choose from 20%-40%-60%-80%, all the operation interface is in the tray area.

  Unlike other brightness adjustment software, CareUEyes Lite does not use translucent windows to reduce brightness. It directly controls the gamma value of the display and is therefore not affected by the start menu and taskbar. It also does not affect the color of the mouse cursor and screenshots.

  In addition, click on the tray icon, you can easily restore or turn off the brightness adjustment features of CareUEyes Lite, very practical. 

        CareUEyes Lite’s performance is the best, it can work very well even on a poor performance machine, it only uses 600kb of disk space and 1m of memory and uses as little CPU time as possible.

  CareUEyes Lite is very useful for those who only need to adjust the brightness of the display.

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CareUEyes Pro

        CareUEyes Pro is more powerful than CareUEyes Lite.

change brightness

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     After installing the CareUEyes Pro, it will automatically increase or decrease the brightness of the computer screen to protect your eyes. The default setting reduces the brightness by 10%, and you can manually adjust it.

        Drag the progress bar to the left to decrease the brightness and the screen will darken, drag the progress bar to the right to increase the brightness and the screen will light up.

       The ambient light is different during the day or night. After the sunrise/sunset switch is turned on in CareUEyes, the brightness of the display will change with sunrise and sunset

        CareUEyes Pro has the features of the automatic blue light filter, automatic brightness adjustment, rest reminder, and keeping focus.

        CareUEyes has more customization options, these features protect your eyesight and increase productivity from all aspects.

        If you need to automatically adjust the color temperature and filter blue light, rest reminder, and other more advanced features, then CareUEyes Pro will be your best choice.

        You can buy  CareUEyes Pro from the Buy page. If you have any problems, please  contact us.

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