Night mode for PC

Are you looking for a night mode for PC? I will show you how to turn on night mode on PC.

What is a night mode for PC?

The night mode feature on our computers makes it more comfortable to use them at night by reducing eye strain and promoting better sleep. This feature includes options such as filtering out blue light, dimming the screen, and displaying a dark theme.

Many people call the night light feature on Windows 10 as night mode, which can reduce blue light, reduce eye strain, and promote sleep.

night mode
night mode


The night mode is another term used for the dark mode, which is a feature offered by Windows. This feature enables you to alternate between light and dark themes. Once you activate the dark mode in Windows, the interface will switch to a dark theme.

light themes
light themes


dark themes
dark themes

The default setting for most applications is the light mode, which means that dark text is displayed on a light background. The dark mode displays white text on a black background.

Dark mode is designed to decrease the amount of light emitted by a device’s screen while still maintaining sufficient color contrast for readability. This feature can help to reduce glare, alleviate eye strain, and improve the comfort of reading. If you intend to read e-books or edit documents on your computer, you may want to try switching to night mode to see if it provides a more suitable experience.

Some people call dimming the screen as night mode. At night, we need to dim the screen brightness, otherwise, the bright screen will cause eye irritation.

How to enable night mode?

On Windows 10, to enable Windows Night Light, select Settings> System> Display> Night Light.

On Windows 10, to enable dark mode, select Settings> Personalization> Color, then open the “Select color” drop-down menu and select light, dark, or custom.

The default Windows mode will change the background color of the taskbar, start menu, and calendar. The default app mode changes the background color of built-in applications (such as Explorer) and applications you get from the Windows Store.

dark mode
dark mode

However, not all applications support dark mode, and many do not. For example, Windows Notepad does not support dark mode. Edge browser can only change the background color of the title bar, toolbar, and menu, but the content of the web page cannot be changed.

Use a night mode app to turn on night mode

CareUEyes is designed for people who like dark screens and want to protect their eyes. It integrates blue light filtering, brightness adjustment, and dark theme functions, and is more powerful and perfect than Windows night mode.

CareUEyes supports all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11. It can dim all screens and monitors; LCD, TFT and LED backlit types. And it supports adjusting the extended screen, if you have two or more extended screens, it can also be adjusted together.

Unlike other night modes for pc, CareUEyes has higher performance. It only needs 5M of memory at run time, requires less CPU time. And the package of CareUEyes is only 2M. I believe this is your best choice.

night mode

CareUEyes has eight preset modes, suitable for eight different usage scenarios, and each mode has a corresponding night mode. You only need to turn on the sunrise and sunset functions of CareUEyes. When the preset sunset time is reached, CareUEyes will automatically enter the night mode.

CareUEyes night mode has a lower color temperature and brightness than during the day. When you work in a darker environment it can help you.

How to reduce blue light at night?

You can choose a preset model you like, and then set the time of sunrise and sunset. For example, select the health mode. It has preset the color temperature and screen brightness at night for you. You can also adjust the color temperature and brightness according to your needs.

To change the amount of blue light emitted from the screen, click or drag the color temperature slider. Adjust the slider to the left to decrease the blue light, making the screen appear redder and darker. Adjust the slider to the right to increase the blue light, making the screen appear bluer and brighter. blue light filter


You can also adjust the color temperature using hotkeys.

How to adjust screen brightness?

To change the screen brightness, click or drag the Brightness slider. Adjust the slider to the left to make the screen darker and to the right to make the screen brighter.


screen dimmer for night

You can also adjust screen brightness using hotkeys.

screen dimmer hotkey

How to enable dark themes?

If you need to edit documents at night, then CareUEyes’ editing mode is perfect for you. Because it can invert the colors so that white becomes black and black becomes white. So it is perfect for editing documents or for programmers to use when programming at night.

Because most applications have light themes by default, they will become black themes after color inversion. Different from the dark mode that comes with Windows, the editing mode of CareUEyes is suitable for all applications, and it can reverse the background color of all applications.

Different from the general dark theme, the dark theme of CareUEyes is not pure black, but dark gray. Compared with pure black background and white, the gray background can create a more comfortable contrast experience under the premise of ensuring sufficient text readability and truly reducing the user’s visual fatigue.

editing mode

To summarize, If your need for night mode is only to filter blue light and reduce screen brightness, then you only need to turn on CareUEyes’ sunrise and sunset feature. If you need a dark theme, then you can choose edit mode.