Windows 7 Night Light

The Night light function is utilized to decrease the amount of blue light emitted on Windows 10/11 operating systems.

This feature can safeguard our vision from blue light and enhance our sleep quality. However, it is exclusively accessible on Windows 10/11 and is not compatible with other operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Vista.

In the event that you desire to utilize Night light on Windows 7, an alternative option is to employ CareUEyes.

windows night light

Compared with Night light, CareUEyes is not just software that can filter blue light, but also has more eye protection features.


  1. CareUEyes has more preset “effects” than Night light

8 mode

Compared to Win10’s night light, CareUEyes offers a richer set of options. For example, CareUEyes offers many pre-set options, such as Office, Game, Movie, which will definitely help you find your favorite effect in the shortest amount of time.

Editing mode will invert the color, black to white, white to black, use the editing mode to read the text at night, which can greatly reduce blue light and reduce eyesight Stimulus. Win10’s night light does not have this feature.

Reading mode makes your screen look like E Ink screens, which is very suitable for reading text for a long time.


2. Independently adjust brightness and color temperature

CareUEyes allows you to adjust brightness and color temperature independently and even has shortcuts specifically designed for it. That is also not available in Win10 night light.

3.  Customize rules

If you sometimes need to process photos, but turning on the night light feature will make the color of the photo distorted. Imagine that you need to turn the night light on and off frequently. It will be a very troublesome period. But using CareUEyes will not have such troubles. You can customize the rules and automatically pause the color temperature adjustment when using photo processing software. You can also customize other rules, such as
automatically entering a default mode when using certain software.

4. Focus mode

 Focus mode helps you to read with greater concentration.

focus feature

5. Break timer

Staring at a computer screen for a long time can cause computer vision syndrome, including eye fatigue and discomfort, dry eyes, red eyes, blurred vision, headache, neck and shoulder pain, and so on.
Because humans usually blink about 15 times per minute. But when we stare at the computer or mobile phone screen, the number of blinks will be greatly reduced, which may lead to dry eyes and fatigue.
Sitting in the same position for a long time can cause tension and pain. Our back, neck, shoulders, and arms will feel the tension.
Taking a break every once in a while to look at distant objects can greatly reduce the symptoms of eye fatigue. The most well-known is the 20-20-20 rule, which means looking at a place 20 feet (6 m) away from you every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.

But if there are no extra reminders, most people will be immersed in work and forget to take regular breaks. CareUEyes will remind you to take breaks regularly. During these rest periods, you can stand up, walk around and stretch your body to reduce fatigue in your eyes, shoulders, neck, and arms.

Overall, Night light can just only adjust the color temperature, but CareUEyes can not only adjust the color temperature, but also has more eye protection features than Night light, and the user experience is more user-friendly than Night light.