screen dimmer

screen dimmer

CareUEyes is a screen dimmer application that controls the brightness of the computer’s screen, when you work in a light or darker environment it can help you, It can dim all screens and monitors; LCD, TFT and LED backlit types, CareUEyes brightness dimmer for all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.screen dimmer,brightness adjuster

screen dimmer,brightness adjuster


The principle of computer screen brightness dimmer software:

The principle of the CareUEyes brightness dimmer is to use the software method to adjust the gamma value of the screen to make the computer screen brighter or darker. it will not damage your screen or monitor in any way.

The use of computer screen brightness adjustment software:

After installation of CareUEyes brightness dimmer, it will automatically increase brightness or reduce the brightness of the computer screen to protect the eyes, the default setting will reduce the brightness of 10%, and you can manually adjust it. Drag the progress bar to the left to decrease the brightness, the screen will darken, to the right to drag the progress bar will increase the brightness, the screen will light up.

When the CareUEyes brightness dimmer works, it will be displayed in the tray area and you have the freedom to set it up.


More information:

I am a software developer who will work longer hours in the evenings, and my laptop sends out great light, this was damaging to my eyes and I couldn’t work well, so I decided to develop CareUEyes brightness dimmer to solve this problem, now, at night, I do not have to worry about the problem of light too great, and I can freely adjust the brightness of the computer screen, hope CareUEyes brightness dimmer can be useful to you.



blue light filter for pc

The visible light with a wavelength in the range of 415 to 455 nm is called “harmful blue light”. Its energy is extremely high, long-term exposure will not only dry the eyes but also cause retinal cells to shrink or even die, leading to decreased vision, eye diseases, and even blindness. At the same time, the blue light will inhibit melatonin secretion, disturb the biological clock and affect sleep.

disturbing the biological clock
disturbing the biological clock
digital fatigue
digital fatigue
 damaged vision
damaged vision

All computers emit blue light. For those who work long hours in front of the computer, the blue light filter for pc is an essential software to better protect the eyes, health, and productivity.

CareUEyes is a blue light filter for pc that controls the color temperature of the display to adjust the amount of blue light emitted, which can reduce our eye strain. You can freely adjust the blue emission of your monitor according to your usage habits, such as game mode, reading mode, editing mode, etc.

blue light filter for pc

The blue light filter for pc sets different color temperatures in the evening and during the day. In the twilight and early morning, the color temperature will smoothly transition from night to day, so that your eyes can adapt slowly. At night, the color temperature should be set to match the light in your room, and during the day, the color temperature should match the external light.


In addition to the blue light filter, CareUEyes also has the function of screen dimming. If the display is too bright or too dark, it will cause eye fatigue and visual damage. CareUEyes eliminates the visible flicker of the display backlight, which is the cause of eye fatigue and headache.

Using software to filter blue light is probably the cheapest and most efficient way. You no longer need to buy blue light glasses and blue light filter film to filter blue light. They are not only consumables but also lack flexibility.

I believe the blue light filter for pc is your best choice.


How to activate CareUEyes Pro

    1. First, you need to purchase a license at

    2. After successful purchase, you will see the license code on the payment completion page, at the same time, the system will automatically send the license code to your PayPal account mailbox, if you forget the license code, you can also retrieve it in the mail.

    3. Open CareUEyes, switch to the Activate tab, then paste the license code into the edit box and click Activate to complete the activation.

    4. After successful registration, the Activate tab will automatically disappear.

    5. Congratulations, you have become CareUEyes Pro edition of the

This is the activation demo

Best alternative to f.lux

These days, when the use of technology in every fields of our life is increasing rapidly, we are automatically forced to keep our eyes open for longer time in front of the computer screen. This is natural. Our work demands that. We can’t completely ban the use of these devices from our lifestyle. But, we can take protective measures to reduce their bad impact on our health. This is why we need light filter applications in these devices. These applications adjust the display settings to comfort our eyes. There are many such software in the market. But, here we will compare the two most prominent ones: f.lux and CareUEyes.

In order to get a wider view of the differences, advantages and disadvantages, we will compare both the products side by side. Here we will have a detailed look into the UI and some common features that these software have to offer.


The home screen of f.lux looks fancy and has the display temperature control on it. It looks pretty decent. But In order to access its advanced features, you have to dive deeper into menus. Now, it is completely ok to dive deeper. But, the only thing that feels wired is its dialog boxes. The dialog boxes don’t match up with the style of the home screen. Moreover, in the home screen, there are values like Circadian Darkness, location coordinates and wake up time.

On the other hand, CareUEyes also have a great UI. It is surrounded by lot of options in a single panel. It is more easy to use and does not need to switch into nested menus. You can easily find any of your desired option to without diving deeper. Moreover, it gives you the vibes of a genuine piece of professional software.

Blue Light Filter

Night-time exposure to blue light makes people more alert and also affects their circadian timing. A wide range of lights appear to be able to stimulate the circadian system in humans, and so while we refer to “blue light” in order to distinguish it from the light our visual system sees, it includes lights that appear green, blue, cyan, and even orange.

CareUEyes also has a decent blue light filtering. Its blue light filtering is embedded in its display panel. CareUEyes can automatically filter the blue light and make the screen look warmer and comfortable to the eyes, so that your eyes do not feel tired, and this application comes with several presets that adjust both color temperature and brightness such as normal, smart, office, game and night. Also, the inbuilt modes are well customized to suit different nature of work environments.

Brightness adjustments

In its brightness adjustments, it has three controls: daytime, sunset and bedtime. Also, it has the temperature adjustment controls on the home screen. Moreover, there are many presets that help you to choose the best setting for your environment without any manual tweak. But, there are so many options that you need to play around with it for some time.

CareUEyes also has an amazing panel to control the brightness. It allows equal control over the warmth and brightness. A good setting will definitely prove it worthy. It gives you limited controls and makes it easy for anyone to use it. No unnecessary and redundant progress bars to confuse the users.


f.lux lacks this feature. There is no such feature like timer in f.lux.

CareUEyes provides rest notifications to keep you from working for too long at a time. It is very important to take regular breaks, and it’s not just your eyes that benefit from them. This application can ensure that you don’t forget to rest every now and again, by displaying desktop notifications for a specified amount of time. Furthermore, CareUEyes has a special and exceptional feature called Force Rest. This features locks down your controls forcibly by removing your controls over it for some time. After the time is passed, it automatically sets everything back to normal.

Types of presets

Both the applications have some presets to quickly switch to a setting to adapt to the current work environment. f.lux has modes like movie, dark room, vignette, grayscale, soft white, blue sky, macular pigment, emerald city, Himalayan salt lamp and civil twilight.

CareUEyes has mode like normal, custom, game, movie, office, night, editing and reading.

f.lux has more presets. But, the nomenclature of the presets in f.lux is a bit confusing. You have to play around a bit to find the best one for you. On the other hand, CareUEyes has relatable names for its presets. You can find the best one in no time.

Other features

As far as other options are concerned, both the apps have a lot of features embedded in them. f.lux has features like hotkeys for enable/disable toggle, change brightness and change color. This feature is one of the best feature I find on f.lux. This is because, many time we have to work on the computer under a variable environment. In such cases, without these shortcut keys, we have to open up the panel, go to the option and change the brightness. But, with these hot keys it becomes so simple and quick.

Also, f.lux supports connected lighting feature. Using this feature, it changes the surrounding light of your studio. Especially for professional editors and video creators who work in a studio with surrounding lights, this is a great feature. But, not all lights work with this feature.

Coming to CareUEyes, it has some great features like Focus. The feature itself is self-descriptive from its name. It helps the user to focus of their work. Now is the Internet age. Every day, there are instant messages, emails, and short messages that interfere with our work. When reading articles, we can’t be interfered with by other information. In order to improve reading efficiency, we need to force ourselves to stay focused and avoid other content dispersion. CareUEyes’ Focus function can help you. It is a unique feature of CareUEyes Pro that prevents you from interfering with other window content to keep you focused. Also, when the mouse moves, the focus window will move with it.

Moreover, CareUEyes provides the feature of hot keys. This feature needs no introduction. But, one special feature about the hot hey feature is that it works with the focus feature. Just a simple combination of keys and your focus stays intact. Again, CareUEyes provides more flexible hotkey feature as compared to f.lux. f.lux has hot keys only for three parameters: enable/disable toggle, change brightness and change color. But, CareUEyes has hot keys for four parmeters: brightness, color adjustment, toggle reading mode and toggle editing mode.

Again, CareUEyes has a great feature in its Display options. It’s the sunrise and sunset feature. This feature enables the application to automatically adjust the preferred setting according to the time. Furthermore, there is another stunning feature that allows you add customized rules to the application. This feature ignores brightness adjustments on specified screens. This is a great feature when you decide to enjoy a movie after a whole day of work. It is very easy to setup. Adding a rule is just three clicks away. Simple, isn’t it?


f.lux is completely free for personal use. But, CareUEyes has a trial period after which you will have to buy a licence for $9.90.

f.lux is great for students. But, if you are working on a professional level, CareUEyes has some premium features for you.

More information

This was a comparison between f.lux and CareUEyes. Both are great software. I recommend you to use any of them which suit you the most. Thank you.


CareUEyes Lite

  Everyone has the right to protect the eyes, and we should not deprive it.

  On April 15th, 2019, we released CareUEyes Lite, a free basic version that is the best choice for anyone who likes free software.

  CareUEyes Lite has a basic brightness adjustment features, which has four brightness levels to choose from 20%-40%-60%-80%, all the operation interface is in the tray area.

CareUEyes Lite Tray Menu

  Unlike other brightness adjustment software, CareUEyes Lite does not use translucent windows to reduce brightness. It directly controls the gamma value of the display and is therefore not affected by the start menu and taskbar. It also does not affect the color of the mouse cursor and screenshots.

  In addition, click on the tray icon, you can easily restore or turn off the brightness adjustment features of CareUEyes Lite, very practical. And the installation package of CareUEyes Lite is only 600k, very small.

CareUEyes Lite demo

  CareUEyes Lite is very useful for those who only need to adjust the brightness of the display. If you need to adjust the color temperature and filter blue light, break reminder and other more advanced features, then CareUEyes Pro will be your best choice.

CareUEyes Prices

computer screen protector for eyes

  Computers have penetrated into every aspect of our lives. Whether in the workplace, at home or at school, the use of computers is now almost mandatory, and to a certain extent, for many of us, watching the screen is almost inevitable.

  Now apparent that prolonged use can lead to a series of computer vision-related problems, collectively known as computer vision syndrome (CVS) or digital eye fatigue, in fact, just a day spent on the computer for more than two hours, you will have 90% the chance of developing computer vision syndrome (CVS), most of us have experienced at least some of the symptoms of CVS. These symptoms include eyestrain, headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, neck pain, computer vision syndrome is due to prolonged staring at the screen (computer, iPad, mobile phone, etc.) occur, these are some of the more common symptoms.

  In addition to causing CVS, the computer is notorious blue light emitter, Blu-ray also involves many other health problems,The excessive blue light on the screen can cause eye damage and may play a role in the development of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It also suppresses sleep and can cause insomnia and disturb your circadian rhythm. If we use a mobile phone or computer before going to bed, it is more likely to cause insomnia.

  Therefore, protecting your eyes is vital whenever you use a computer, and you can take some steps to prevent the symptoms from getting too bad. There are 6 ways to protect your eyes from the screen, even if you have to stare at them all day long.

Anti glare computer screen protector for eyes

  The glare of reflection on the computer screen is the main cause of eye strain, and the reflection on the computer screen will constantly distract your attention, forcing you to make extra efforts to concentrate. This ultimately leads to eye strain, and you can use a high-end anti-glare computer screen to reduce the glare of your computer monitor. The anti-glare filter is available in two frame designs – flat or wrap. The frame you choose depends on your display style and personal preference, and with either of them, you can virtually eliminate all UV rays that are reflected from the screen to your eyes. There is another option – install eye protection software CareUEyes , which filters the glare of the display, is very convenient to use and is cheaper than the anti-glare screen protector.

anti glare screen
anti glare screen

Blue light filter computer screen protector for eyes

The screen protector can also be used to filter out the blue light emitted by the computer, which has a shorter wavelength than the other components of the visible spectrum and contains more energy. Excessive blue light can cause eye damage and can cause insomnia and disturb your circadian rhythm. You can filter blue light by installing a Blu-ray filter screen protector for your computer, but the Blu-ray filter screen can cause the display to be distorted, you may need time Adapting to this change, too much color distortion can exacerbate eye fatigue, and the eye care software CareUEyes can also filter blue light, CareUEyes is more powerful than the blue light filter screen and is more convenient to use.

anti blue light screen
anti blue light screen

Follow the “20-20-20” rule

20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. The 20/20/20 rule was popularized by Dr. Jeff Anshell, a specialist in “vision ergonomics.”, sometimes we forget With this rule, we can install the eye care software
CareUEyes , which will remind us to rest every 20 minutes.

20 20 20 rule
20 20 20 rule

Adjust screen settings

  Downgrade the screen brightness, you want the brightness of the display to match the brightness of the surrounding work area, and if it looks like the light source in the room, it’s too bright. If it looks dull, it may be too dark, and the eye care software
CareUEyes can easily adjust the brightness to the appropriate value.

Don’t forget to blink

  Blinking helps to lubricate the eyes, otherwise, it can cause dry eye. When you stare at the screen for a long time, you will forget the blink of an eye, so we must consciously force ourselves to blink, which is helpful for the health of the eyes. Combined with the 20-20-20 rule.

blink eye

Timed rest

  When we are busy, we will forget to go to the bathroom, forget to drink water, forget to blink, forget to rest, but for the health of our eyes, we must rest regularly. If you can’t do this, then you have to use software to force yourself to rest. CareUEyes has a forced rest feature that reminds you to rest every 20 minutes.

About CareUEyes

  CareUEyes is an eye protection software that runs on windows. It has anti glare, blue light filtering, and timed reminder features. It is very convenient to use and is used by many companies and governments.

Conclusion to computer screen protectors for eyes

  We can reduce eye fatigue through physical devices, or relieve eye fatigue through habitual changes, but the most convenient way is to use eye care software
CareUEyes , because it is more convenient, cheaper and more effective, hope our article it is helpful for you.


Anti glare computer screen


  You can use a premium anti glare computer screen to reduce the glare of your computer monitor. The anti-glare filter is available in two frame designs – flat or wrap, and which frame you choose depends on your display style and personal preference, and with either, you can virtually eliminate all UV rays that are reflected from the screen into your eyes. Anti glare computer screen helps reduce eye strain.

anti glare screen


  Look for an anti glare computer screen with the following features:

  • Optical glass.

  High quality optical glass is superior to plastic.

  • Anti-reflective coating.

  A good glass filter has a multi-layer anti-reflective coating on one or both sides of the glass looking for a filter that provides up to 95% or 99% glare reduction.

  • Transmission.

  There are a variety of light transmissions in the anti glare computer screen, from about 30% transmission to 65% or higher.

  The intensity of ambient light in the work area helps determine the level of transmission that works best for you – the greater the glare, the lower the transmission you may need to reduce glare on the display.

  • Anti-static.

  Removing excess static electricity from the computer screen is important to help minimize dust accumulation on your computer screen, which can reduce the legibility of characters and look for anti glare computer screen with anti-static features.

  • Easy to clean the coating.

  Anti-reflective coatings show fingerprints and they can be difficult to remove. Look for an anti glare computer screen with easy-to-clean function, just clean the filter with water and a soft cloth.

  • ISO 9241-7 compliance.

This will ensure that the filter you purchased has passed the highest standard glare reduction test.

Disadvantages of anti glare computer screen:   

  •   Can’t filter blue light
  •   Can’t adjust display brightness
  •   Can’t change your viewing habits
  •   Different production standards may cause eye fatigue
  •   Will distract users

Other options

  Screen protectors can be used as anti-glare devices, but they can’t change your viewing habits. In addition to using anti glare computer screen, there are more ways to eliminate eye strain. We can use computer software to help us reduce eye strain.

Anti glare computer screen-software
Anti glare computer screen software

  For example, CareUEyes is an eye protection software that filters 90% of the blue light and glare by adjusting the color temperature and brightness of the display, it also has a timed reminder rest function, try to use the timer to ensure that every 45 minutes away from the screen, get up and walk around Try to focus your eyes further, and its price is much lower than the anti-glare filter device, which may be the best choice.

Features of CareUEyes
  • blue light filtering
  • brightness control
  • predefizned 8 modes
  • regular break
  • custom rules
  • stay focused

how to use sunrise sunset feature

1.What is the sunrise sunset feature

The sunrise sunset feature means that when you turn on the sunrise sunset function of CareUEyes, when the time is sunrise, CareUEyes uses the color temperature and brightness under sunrise. When the time is sunset, CareUEyes uses the color temperature and brightness under sunset, all this is done automatically by CareUEyes.

2.Does the sunrise sunset feature useful for my health?

CareUEyes’ sunset and sunrise features are more suitable for those who work in front of the computer during the day and night. Usually, there is sunlight during the day. Our monitors are also adapted to the current environment. High color temperature and high brightness settings are used. At night, we use low color temperature, low brightness setting, which can reduce the blue light of the display (blue light will inhibit the secretion of melanin, but melanin is helpful for sleep), which helps us get better sleep at night and protect us eye. to use the sunrise sunset feature

(1) Ensure that the version of CareUEyes >=


(2) Make sure to enable the sunrise sunset feature

(3) Set the sunset sunrise time
(4) Set the color temperature and brightness of sunrise and sunset in the custom mode.


Note: When you set the color temperature and brightness of the sunset at sunrise, CareUEyes will automatically switch to the preview state, you can preview the effect in real time, but when you release the mouse, it will return to the color temperature and brightness of the sunrise state. Similarly, when you set the color temperature and brightness of the sunrise at sunset, CareUEyes will automatically switch to the preview state. When you release the mouse, it will return to the color temperature and brightness of the sunset state. In addition, the tray area will pop up a warning tips

win10 tips

How to use Reading Mode on windows 7/win10

If you are using the classic theme of Windows 7/Win 10, then you will not be able to use the Reading mode of CareUEyes and you will get a warning message when using the Reading mode of CareUEyes.

You need to enable the Aero theme to be able to use the reading mode.

How to enable the Aero theme?

1. Ensure that your version of Windows 10/8/7 supports Aero. Aero is supported on Ultimate, Home Premium, Business editions.

2.Ensure that your Graphic card supports WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model)

3. Right click on the desktop, pop-up menu select “Personalize“, select related topics in the “Aero Themes” area, these topics are all with Aero features

4. Open CareUEyes, reselect “Editing” or “Reading” Mode

stay focus

    Now is the Internet age. Every day, there are instant messages, emails, and short messages that interfere with our work. When reading articles, we can’t be interfered with by other information. In order to improve reading efficiency, we need to force ourselves to stay focused and avoid other content dispersion. Our attention, but in addition to forcing ourselves to stay focused, is there a simpler way?
    CareUEyes’ Focus function can help you. It is a unique feature of CareUEyes Pro that prevents you from interfering with other window content to keep you focused.

focus setting

    You can pre-set the height of the focus area, the transparency of the focus area, and the color of the focus area. When you are reading, you can activate it by hotkey.

focus activated

    When the mouse moves, the focus window will also follow the mouse movement, so that the center point of your mouse is always Focus, and the focus function can be superimposed with the Editing Mode or Reading Mode of CareUEyes Pro, which allows you to enter a more focused state.